How to print a PDF pattern

Before you can open our pdf pattern, you need to download Adobe acrobat reader. You can download this for free at Always open your files in Acrobat Reader after saving them on your computer. Never allow to open them in preview on your internet browser. Files can get corrupted and functionality like the layers could disappear.

Open the digital pdf pattern:

Our digital pattern includes all sizes from 34 to 52. For every size, two lines are available: a stitching line and a cutting line. The cutting line includes all seam allowances.

Without selecting your size, you'll see all pattern lines:

Off course, you only need your size. Therefore, you have to open all layers:

When you click this symbol, all layers open. Look for you size:

Uncheck all boxes of the sizes that you don't need. Keep only the cutting and/or stitching line visible, as well as the general layout layer. 

Before printing, make sure that you check "custom scale 100%" and "oriëntation automatically": 

First, print the second page to measure the test square. If correct, print all pages and past them togehter.

Happy sewing!

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  • Jean Hagen on

    I am trying to find the English directions. I need some help!
    Jean Hagen

  • Atelier Jupe on

    Hi Viriginia,
    this tutorial explains how to de-select the other size so you end up with only the size you need, and thus only two lines, a stitching and a cutting line.
    Happy sewing,

  • Atelier Jupe on

    Hi Davida,
    All our patterns are in three languages, English is always the third language in the instructions.
    Happy sewing!

  • virginia unger on

    /vert difficult PDF. So many sizes…perhaps you could give several options on the pattern sizing to cut out. Thanks for your time and efforts, tho.

  • Davida Stiff on

    I need English directions for the Frida blouse , Olivia blouse and the Emma blouse I bought the patterns but I didn’t get English instructions !!

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