A maxi skirt for the Poppy & Cara summer dress

The pattern of the Poppy and Cara summer dress comes with a midi skirt and an asymmetric skirt. The midi skirt is easy to lengthen to a maxi skirt. A little tutorial!

You start by drawing the pattern of the midi skirt in your size (without seam allowances). Then you measure the length of the maxi skirt that you wish. Measure the length of the midi skirt and calculate the extra length to add. 

Draw a straight line on your pattern about 30cm above the hem, perpendicular on the center front/back line. 

Cut the pattern piece in two on that line. Then take a piece of pattern paper to put in between (the paper is a bit larger than the extra length you're adding). In the example below, we're adding 40cm of length. 


Add the extra length between both pattern pieces, the easiest way is to extend the center front/back line. Make sure that this line is a straight line. Tape both pattern pieces on the added paper. 

Now draw the new side seam, starting at the marking of the hip all the way down to your original hem (yellow line on the picture below).  

Now add the seam allowances and do the same for the other pattern piece of the skirt.

Happy sewing!

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