How to make a perfect V-neckline for the Zoey blouse

Our Zoey blouse is one of our favorites! Well, all our patterns are our favorites off course! But the Zoey blouse is an easy model, elegant with it's V-neckline and the voluminous, three-quarter sleeves that are gathered at the hem. The only tricky thing at this pattern is to make a nice V at the neckline. With this tutorial, we'll show you step by step how to make this neckline to perfection. 

We start after you jointed front and back piece of the blouse. 

Pin the facing to the blouse with the right sides of the fabric together. 

Mark your stitching line first with a chalk line. 

Then baste your stitching line. 

Now stitch the facing to the blouse all around. Make sure you stop when you're at the V-point, with your needle exactly in the lowest point of the V. Lift up the presser foot of your sewing machine with the needle still in the fabric. Turn your fabric so your presser foot is in line with the next seem. Continue stitching. Remove your baste thread afterwards. Stitch a second time on the first stitching line of the V-point to reinforce. 

Trim the corners of the seam allowance, at the shoulders and the V-neckline. At the V-point, cut the fabric just until the stitching line. 

Now further trim the corner at the V-neckline.

Press the seam allowances of to the facing. Finally, stitch the seam allowances to the facing through all layers, at 2mm from the stitching line. Fold the facing to the wrong side and press.

Happy sewing! 

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