Tutorial Billie top

In the mood for summer and looking for a fun and easy sewing project? The Billie & Finn pattern includes a top and shorts perfect for sunny days or your well-deserved holiday in the sun!

In this tutorial we are sewing the Billie top. Billie is a fun, loose top with a V-shaped neckline. The short, grown-on sleeves are finished with a large trim.

(Are you into making the Finn shorts as well? There's a separate tutorial available for Finn!)

So, let's start sewing Billie!


Finish the shoulder seams with an overlock or by zigzagging. Place the front on the back, right sides of the fabric together and stitch the shoulder and side seams. Press the shoulder seams open. 


Trim the rounded side seam under the arm. Finish the side seams together with an overlock or by zigzagging. Press the seams towards the front. 

Finish the shoulder seams of the front and back facing with an overlock or by zigzagging. Pin right sides together and stitch. Press the seam open. Finish the bottom of the facing with an overlock or by zigzagging.

Pin the facing on the front and back, right sides together and make sure the shoulder seams match. Also make sure that the center front of the front and front facing are matched exactly. For a nice V-shape of the neckline, baste the stitching line first. 

Stitch all around. Cut the V-neck until your stitching. Trim the seam allowance at the shoulders.

Overlock all seams together or finish with a zigzag stitch. Press the seam allowances towards the facing. Stitch the seam allowances to the facing through all layers, at 2 mm from the stitching line.  

Fold the facing in place and press.

Fold the sleeve trims in half with the short sides together - right sides of the fabric together - and stitch the short side.  

Press the seam allowance open. Press the sleeve trims in half with the wrong sides together. Fold back open and press 1 cm of one of the long sides to the wrong side. Make sure that with the other sleeve trim, you press the opposite long side, so you get the mirror image from the first one. 

Pin the seam allowance of the sleeve trim, that isn’t pressed, to the armhole of the top, right sides of the fabric together and markings matching. The markings need to match the shoulder seam and the marking on the back. Stitch and press the seam allowance towards the sleeve trim. 

Now fold the sleeve trim to the inside at the foldline and pin. Stitch the sleeve trim in place by stitching exactly in the ditch of sleeve trim and top. Work on the right side of the top. 

Press the hem of the top 1 cm to the wrong side. Then press another 2 cm to the wrong side. Stitch in place just next to the edge. 


All done!

We wish you a lot of fun with your new top! Show your creation on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #atelierjupeBillie or share it in our Facebook group ‘Atelier Jupe - Create & Share’. 

Got a taste for it? Have a look at www.atelierjupe.com to discover more patterns and our fabric collection. 

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